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Leg Workout for a Bigger Booty

   What's going on everyone this is wiviral come back with another female Friday and today I'm gonna show you the best workout for building a bigger booty. All right so like I said today's article I'm gonna be going through a leg workout where we're gonna be putting a ton of emphasis on the glutes because I know from having tons of email ladies are always looking to lift and sculpt their booties and so this is gonna be a the perfect workout just for that another thing that our female the love I mean really all of our females is also toning their legs and toning their booty just toning their entire body and if you are looking to do that obviously you have to focus on fat burning and lowering your body fat percentage and a real easy way to do that is by using our 24-hour fat burner supplement it's got two patented technologies that prove its effectiveness for increasing what's called your resting energy expenditure which is how many calories you burn without working out so basically you're cranking up your metabolism and you're burning more calories without doing more workouts and it's got studies proving all of this and we get clients who love it testimonials all the time but getting into this workout like I said this is going to be a leg workout where we're gonna be putting extra emphasis on the glutes and so it's going to be five different exercises and first off we're going to be starting with possibly the best glute building the exercise which is hip thrusts

  and so here what you're gonna do is you're gonna get down on the ground you're gonna have a bar across your lap if you want something that usually helps because it can be a little painful with that bar right on your hip bone is put one of those pads on the bar and then puts that on your lap if you don't have a pad you can layer a couple of towels there just a little bit of padding is gonna go a long way because the bar is obviously super hard but then you're gonna load up the weight whatever the weight you can handle for 10 reps so if we're going a little bit heavier here later on, in the workout, we're gonna bump up the reps a little bit but right now we really want to focus on using the strength because your glutes are the biggest muscles in your body so we want to make sure we're really overloading the muscle here so that we can build it and we're gonna focus on really exhausting the muscle later so that we can lift it and and sculpt it as much as possible so here we're gonna be going for a set of 10 with this, you really want to focus on not having your butt sticking out you really want to tuck your butt under and then push through your heels and squeeze all the way up with your gluts dropping back down not letting your butt rest on the ground may be just tapping the ground and then going right back into the next one 10 clean reps you're gonna rest for a minute you're gonna get right back into it and you can do that for three more sets so four sets total of the hip thrusts and then we're gonna get into the second exercise which is sumo squats

  so sumo squats are a slightly different variation from a regular squat and basically, the main difference is that your feet are going to be like in a sumo wrestlers position so they're gonna be a lot wider your toes are gonna be a lot more pointed outward and then you really want to focus on keeping the weight on your heels you don't want the weight to go up in your toes it's very easy to allow that to happen and then basically, you're going to also not be able to go down as far and as you have your legs wider you're gonna get a lot better contraction of your glutes also your hamstrings but you're also going to get be working your quads so you're going to be working all the different muscle groups in your legs but this is also going to put some extra emphasis on your glutes which is what we're trying to do here and it's just a good variation to switch to every now and then if your body is used to squats so I like sumo squats for multiple different reasons so here we're actually going to bump up the rep range a little bit we're not going super heavy I don't usually like going super heavy on squats I got a bad back if you got lower back problems going light here is gonna be a lot safer as well for you so load up with what other whatever weight you can go for 15 reps so it's going to be a a little bit lighter because we're going with that higher rep range but you do want to make sure that you are failing like that 15 is about the maximum amount of reps that you could have done with the weight that you choose so 15 reps you're dropping down you want your thighs to be about parallel to the ground maybe just past parallel so your butts dropping a little bit lower than that and really focus on driving through your heels squeeze up at the top and going back into the next one so 15 slow clean reps here then you're gonna rest for a minute repeat that three more times for four sets total

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