Tuesday, 24 December 2019

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Best Shoulder Exercises for Boulder Shoulders

what's going on guys. Today I'm gonna show you 12 of the best shoulder exercises for and getting some bigger shoulders like I said today I'm gonna run.
you through a bunch of different exercises that are gonna be great for building up your shoulders and these are gonna be different exercises with presses with raises with rear delt type stuff so it's gonna be hitting all areas of your shoulder depending on what exercise it is obvious, so if you're going to use these exercises to build a workout make sure you're not doing a bunch of rear delt exercises and nothing else make also make sure you're not doing all of these you only want to pick three maybe four or five tops of these exercises and then do three or four sets of each of those to create a shoulder workout doing all 12 is just going to be overtraining and you want to avoid that now before I get into it I will say the most overlooked aspect of working out is
actually post-workout nutrition, and making sure that you're allowing your body to recover from your workouts you can go crush this next shoulder workout
with all the perfect shoulder exercises but if you're not letting your muscles
recover optimally then you're gonna be wasting your time in the gym and this is
why I take a post-workout supplement.
It's actually a post-workout powder that has a couple of amino acids in it and just a couple ingredients that are going to speed up that healing process that recovery process because when you're at the gym you're actually breaking down muscle fibers and so you need to make sure that you're giving your muscles what they need so those muscle fibers can grow stronger and bigger that way you can get those older shoulders. I just take one scoop after my
workout and you can rest assured. knowing that you're going to recover a
lot faster so without further ado let's get into these twelve exercises.

all right so there you have it 12 different shoulder exercises that you can pick from to create a shoulder workout if you're looking for a full shoulder workout where maybe we use some of these exercises, but also some other exercises and you're looking for one where I put it together for you different exercises,
for different muscle groups that let me know what kind of content to keep making for you also if you have specific exercises you want to make comment it down in the comment section and hopefully I can make that in my next article
but other than that guys thank you and I hope this helped and I'll see you in the next one.


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