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Workouts for Your Entire Body: the way to sweat With a Weight Bar

Workouts for Your Entire Body: the way to sweat With a Weight Bar
Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

hey today I would teach you about how to work out with the weight bar and demonstrate these movements, now  holding the weight bar this is just a typical weight bar now a lot of people will have the same type of bar that weighs less and it's covered in foam ,or you could have a long bar that people usually add weights to and all of they are gonna perform to be able to perform these movements in the same manner so don't worry about the equipment. the first movement is going to
look like this it's gonna be a deadlift so you're gonna take a little wireless or with the stance, you're gonna stand tall like a soldier and then you're gonna squat down with bar steam very close
to the body, notice use an even tempo so it's not doing a death drop very controlled now we're gonna go to the second movement, which is a reverse curl which is just bending the arms up and
bring it to the collarbone bringing. 

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

It back down these movements going to work the forms, and also the muscles of the upper arm near the biceps, and then from here we're gonna take the bar, and press it directly overhead now. This is called an overhead press and this is gonna work the shoulders triceps. also, some of the upper parts of the chest now once you're gonna do ten reps of each of those movements with this controlled tempo, and then we will put it all together and make this more,
cardiovascular and a full-body workout. 
So we're gonna go deadlift immediately into a reverse curl and then finish with an overhead press and let's do it one more time with a little faster tempo.
Ready perfect and you've finished with ten reps of that if you're more advanced feel free to add some weight or do more repetitions up to 20 for each of those movements.
 I'm building back the third and this is how to work out with the weight bar.


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