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The most effective method to Lose Weight After a Tummy Tuck

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

    Hi. I'm gonna talk to you about how to lose weight after a tummy tuck the things you would need for this is a mat and some space I really don't want you running to the gym a few days after your tummy tuck I doubt.
If you can anyway but you really want to think about maybe a few weeks after the tummy tuck and get clearance from your doctor cuz I don't want any stitches popping out anywhere and that's all bad
but let's talk about the core you just have the tummy tuck so I know you want to keep the abdominals very tight because that skin, let's be honest can stretch right back out its kind of scary isn't it all right. I'm gonna come on your side here we go come on down on the back you just had to tell me to tuck I mean you're not gonna be running a marathon anytime soon but you do want to keep the muscles strong cuz again blood is a healer you want to keep you nice and warm alright I'm starting simply because of you just had that surgery my feet are flat my fingertips on my head I'm gonna do
box or situps so lift and lower. I'm gonna go in a nice circle so think of an apple between your chin in your chest and you're just gonna lift in that amazing that's a working everything in the middle and, then reverse direction so this is what boxers do before a fight, and it's absolutely amazing three more
two and one so that's good stuff that's gonna get you started right off the bat nicely and easy so again you just have the tummy tuck I'm gonna let you take one leg up but then I want you to take it out to the side can you tell me a circle with the leg out to the side that is gonna work the obliques will call them oblique circles good the other direction, that is absolutely challenging your shoulder blades should be glued to the floor your low back should be glued to the floor that's a great way to work it
and then do the other side all right, so let's do one more so we're glutes do it with the legs are up I'm
gonna reverse curl I'm gonna lift, and lower so I'm going to lift, it's gonna be a small move don't think
you're gonna lift your hips way to the ceiling let's lower slowly that is amazing what that's doing so that's three exercises that you can do because of you want to be nice and easy you don't want
to rush in the gym do some serious damage but those are three nice easy abdominal exercises that'll kind of get.
you back on track get you back in the gym your body looks awesome and that's just gonna help you maintain the nice tight tummy tuck.


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