Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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  Hey. today well we're gonna be going over some of the best styling tips that. I personally know, and I want to give to you call this my Hanukkah Christmas Kwanzaa gift to you because this is the best of the best, that is my personal opinion are the best dialing tips a mankin implements that will like that make them look like a stylish pro even if they just started into mint style, if that's not an interesting let's hop into number one match the same color of your shoes to your trousers now you do this on purpose because what this does is it pretty much is elongate your leg or gives the illusion of an elongated leg longer than what it really is which gives you the effect on your body overall that you're taller and this is because when you add that hard contrast.
It's very hard in the eyes and it creates an interruption it breaks the vertical line abruptly which shortens your legs overall number two how to stretch your shoes in the freezer if you've ever worn let's say, brand new white leather sneakers or new loafers or new dress shoes or new boots.
That is too tight you know how I'm comfortable and painful they are not to mention that they end up leading to ingrown toenails because your toes are cramped up so to make your shoes more comfortable and stretch them out a bit all you want to do is you grab a Ziploc.
The bag you fill it up midway with water then you put that bag inside the shoe, and then put that shoe in the freezer water when it freezes it expands that the effect will stretch out your leather and, make it more comfortable when it's your first to wear the third styling tip that.
I will always give you we're, and uncommon element now notice what I said uncommon it doesn't have to be bold it doesn't have to be obnoxious or over-the-top that's it's gonna be annoying and can end up messing with your style instead you want to wear something that not everybody else wears
maybe they're not confident up or they don't know how to wear for me that's, always a watch and that because goes out to the mall or to your school or to a place where it's public and look at a man's wrist.I can guarantee you about 80 to 90% of men still, don't wear watches, therefore, wearing a beautiful watch that's uncommon and if it's a sexy one like from our sponsor movement it actually makes you look more stylish, and that's the point you want something that's functional it tells the time ,but also then it makes you look good that it makes your style look good you don't have to be bougie or obnoxious about it you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a watch you just want to
stand apart from the crowd from the rest of guys that won't know how to pull off a watch or have never even thought about it that's why for me that uncommon element is always a watch not only do I
love watches in general and do I collect them but I love the feeling of knowing that I have something that most don't and that catches people's eyes it catches their attention and that attention to detail women love that, but here's the great news like I said you don't have to spend thousands of dollars
or hundreds of dollars on a good watch if you want a great watch that just looks good and tells you the time you gotta check our movement watches see the cool thing with movement watches is that
they have a mass selection of watches if you've never checked them out they're gonna be linked down below but these guys, they're legit a movement they've sold millions of watches across the globe millions of men have own movement watches and that's for a reason, these things are amazing they're super stylish and they're constantly releasing new styles and new designs which keeps things fresh but the great part is they're affordable since it's a fashion watch you don't have to worry about paying crazy premiums and paying three for five hundred or even a thousand dollars for this watch and instead you can buy a great-looking watch for around a hundred bucks that will just propel your style to the next level, but like always there's a tip you need to try for yourself I can tell you all along that you need a worn watch but if you don't do it you won't know the benefits of it so go to moving
watches there's gonna be a linked up below there's also gonna be a special discount so you can even get it more affordable pick one up and start wearing it sees what it does to your style do you feel better to do you feel more confident if you do you're good to go you can pick up more and start building a collection.

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I built a simple formula when I followed this all my clothing no matter how cheap it was always looking good and I can't prove it to you the formula you want dork fitted minimalistic let me
explain when you go with minimal items without all the bells and whistles the glitter it looked classy it looks sophisticated instead of cheap and tacky when you go dark you always look sleek you always look classy so if there's a certain item that you want a sweater or a t-shirt and there's a navy or black or some sort of dark color always go for that one and finally, get it tailored if it fits right you'll fool and you follow this formula and I promise a guarantee on my life it's going to work and me made an exact fit look as good as something I bought from Hugo Boss that cost me ten times as much and all
because I followed that for my number five breakings in a leather jacket see leather jackets can be sexy they look amazing and they make you look like a bad boy but when they're brand new,
they're super stiff uncomfortable and when they're that hard that actually don't look that good they start looking good when you break them and they loosen up and it kind of gets its own character
go to avoid the one plus your process of breaking and break it in faster well you want to do is wear your jacket when it's lightly raining outside or lightly spray it with water then just move your arms around and move all around as the water dries this is gonna loosen up the leather and help break it in faster when you do it consistent number six if you ever want to dress up a look makes it look more expensive or more sophisticated just tuck in your shirt and this works with anything whether you're wearing a polo whether you're wearing a t-shirt whether you're wearing a dress shirt or a turtleneck sweater whatever it is if you want to elevate your level of class in seconds just tuck in your shirt and finally number seven always have a balance on your outfit, for example, the loose clothing trainer if
you're gonna wear the loose clothing trend don't pair loose clothing with loose clothing this is gonna look baggy and messy instead create balance if you want to wear a loose sweater on top wear some fitted jeans on the bottom this gives your body a little bit more proportion, as opposed to you, looking
like you're wearing clothes that were just handed down to you and it doesn't even fit and that's basically it for


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