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Spicy Masala Bread Toast

Spicy Masala Bread Toast

      Photo by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

hey guys welcome back to the kitchen so much for tuning in to today I'm going to make a really delicious Mac yes I'm going to make spicy masala bread toast this is really delicious and a healthy
a snack that you can make if you omit the butter this will be definitely a wholesome healthy dish
So how to make, this simple dish in a fan I'm adding oil, to the oil, I'm adding some fennel seeds
next, I'm adding onion and green chili finely chop and with a sari for a minute.
next, I'm going to add vegetables here I have a mixture of finely chopped cabbage and capsicum.
I'm adding some salt and I'm going to saute these for about one to two minutes, it's been about two minutes and I'm going to add tomato about one tomato RDP. Did it and cut it so I'm going to saute
these for about two minutes again so the tomatoes can cook well, so between two layers in this matching.
with the middle so master tomatoes I was trying to add the spice powder adding chili powder turmeric powder chaat masala and so to mix everything together cook this for about a minute so it's
between a minute , I also checked the spice level everything's perfect to make sure that it checks the taste level at this point and then add the tomato ketchup.

Now after this point, you don't have to put cook it so I'm going to switch off the flame finally adding some coriander, leaves so the masala is ready for the bread so now I'm going to toast the wheat bread. I'm going to use wheat bread , here you can even toast it without using anything or olive oil or butter. I'm going to use butter today.
Sall be toasting my breath till crispy is up to you I like a nice brown layer, on top of the bread and then the masala, on top so crispy and juicy just that's not a combination according to me means toasted is less than crispy it's up to you so yeah guys bread masala to insist, on I'm gonna have a face-to-face Wow . That actual bird mmm I doubt it I'm going to have this with some see it's but the combinations with teeth , especially in the evening I mean actually having business a snack with
teeth I'll see you at the next article. 
definitely try it take everyone bye bye


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