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Beauty recipes: Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask, Avocado Carrot Cream Mask & Cucumber Eye Gel

Beauty recipes:  Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask, Avocado Carrot Cream Mask &  Cucumber Eye Gel  

Frozen Egg & Honey Facial Mask 

Suggested for dry skin, this is especially alleviating on burned from the sun's skin. 


1 egg 

1/2 cup coconut oil, dissolved (yet not hot) 

1 tablespoon nectar 


- Beat the egg in a little bowl until foamy and all around blended. Gradually include the fluid coconut oil and nectar, beating until your cover is the consistency of mayonnaise. 

- Take a vacant latrine tissue roll and set it on end in a perfect bowl. Spoon blends into the cardboard tissue roll. Spot tube, in the bowl, in the cooler medium-term. 

- To utilize, strip away simply the main 1/4 inch of the cardboard roll and cover the solidified stick up your face (consider it a push-up pop). Leave your veil on for 5 to 10 minutes, at that point wash off with warm water. 

- Return the cream stick secured with cling wrap and solidified between employments. Keeps uncertainly.

 Avocado Carrot Cream Mask 

This veil is wealthy in nutrient E, beta carotene, cancer prevention agents, calcium and protein, fixings that may help reconstruct skin collagen, blur age spots and improve tone and surface. 


1 avocado, pounded 

1 carrot, cooked and pounded 

1/2 cup substantial cream 

1 egg, beaten 

3 tablespoons nectar 


Join all fixings in a bowl until smooth. Spread tenderly over your face and neck, and leave set up 10-15 minutes. Wash with cool water and pursue your preferred toner.

 Cucumber Eye Gel 

1/4 enormous cucumber 

1-ounce aloe vera gel 


- Puree the cucumber in a blender (Leave a little mash), at that point strain the blend into a glass bowl until you have at any rate 2 ounces. Spoon in only a smidgen of the mash from the strainer. Add the aloe vera to the cucumber puree in the bowl and blend delicately. Fill a perfect, sanitized holder. 

- After purging face, mix the blend tenderly and apply with a cotton ball to the under-eye territory. Keep away from the eyeball. The time span of the usability of this item is extremely constrained by the new cucumber. It ought to be utilized inside a couple of days and kept refrigerated between employments.


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