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Toxic foods for Dogs

  Toxic Foods For Dogs

– Some alcoholic drinks are delicious, and sometimes it’s also fun to get a bit tipsy or even just drunk, but it’s not all that fun for canines. Lacking a human understanding of what’s happening to them, being intoxicated can be distressing and even terrifying for them. A dog is also just as susceptible to hangovers and alcohol poisoning as a human is. It’s a pretty sure bet a dog will get an upset tummy from drinking, vomiting and diarrhea are also fairly common. They may also experience headaches, lethargy and trouble breathing. If they drink too much, they’re in danger of falling into a coma and even dying, and it takes a lot less alcohol to kill a dog than to kill a person.
Adult drinks should only be for human adults. Alcohol isn’t a nice treat for a dog, and it isn’t funny to see them drunk. It’s dangerous, potentially life threatening, and psychologically cruel to let a dog drink.  If your dog manages to sneak a drink like a naughty teenager, get them to the vet right away to receive treatment.

– Dog’s have trouble digesting almonds, which can give them an upset tummy. Unlike many other nuts, almonds aren’t toxic, so it’s not life threatening if your dog eats some, but you can save them stomach pain by finding them a better treat.

– Apple seeds contain a small amount of cyanide. The cyanide in a single apple seed is so small, eating a few isn’t going to harm your pet, even if you have one of the smaller breeds. If your pooch regularly consumes apple seeds however, the cyanide can build up over time and eventually cause health problems.
 Absent the seeds, apples are one of the more nutritious and healthy snacks you can feed your dog. Just make sure to slice it up and remove the core first.

– Apricots are from the stone fruit family – plums, peaches, and cherries etc. Stone fruits are generally harmful to dogs. The leaves, seeds, and stems of an apricot contain cyanide, which can make your dog seriously ill and even cause death. In addition to not feeding your dog apricot pits, make sure they’re not left alone outside with an apricot tree. Dried apricot is safe for your dog to eat in moderation, but too much can cause upset stomach and diarrhea.

– Avocados contain persin, a chemical that is known to be toxic to many animals, but is fortunately safe for your pet to eat and is even an ingredient in some dog foods. The primary concern with feeding avocados to dogs is the pit, which can cause an obstruction in your pet’s digestive track. The flesh of the avocado is also known to give some dogs an upset tummy. So feed your dog avocados in moderation, make sure they don’t eat the pit, and watch your dog afterwards to make sure it goes over well in their stomach. 


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